Dutasteride improves hair growth in patients with male pattern baldness more effectively than finasteride,

    January 2007 in “Inpharma Weekly
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    TLDR Dutasteride is more effective for male pattern baldness than finasteride, and black cohosh extract BNO 1055 is as effective as conjugated estrogens in treating postmenopausal symptoms, with added benefits in reducing sweating and mental symptoms.
    In a study conducted 16 years ago, German researchers found that the black cohosh extract BNO 1055 was comparable to conjugated estrogens in treating climacteric complaints in postmenopausal women. The randomized, multicentre study involved 62 women who were treated daily with either two capsules of BNO 1055 (20 women), two capsules of conjugated estrogens 0.3mg (22 women), or a placebo, for 12 weeks. Both the BNO 1055 and conjugated estrogens groups saw significant mean reductions from baseline in the somatic complaints subscore on the Menopause Rating Scale (MRS) compared to the placebo group. However, only the BNO 1055 group had significant mean reductions from baseline in the frequency of sweating episodes during the day, and in the major climacteric complaints and mental subscores on the MRS, compared with placebo.
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