Dermal sheath cells contribute to postnatal hair follicle growth and cycling

    Linli Zhou, Kun Yang, R. Randall Wickett, Thomas Andl, Yuhang Zhang
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    TLDR Skin sheath cells help in hair growth and renewal after birth.
    The document from 7 years ago discussed the role of fibroblasts, specifically dermal papilla (DP) and dermal sheath (DS) cells, and keratinocytes in the production and maintenance of hair follicles. It highlighted that while keratinocytes are the primary constituents of hair follicles that generate the hair structure, the contribution of dermal fibroblasts to hair follicle neogenesis and regeneration is less well defined. The paper noted that DP cells of growing follicles possess hair-inducing ability and interact with keratinocytes to achieve regenerative hair growth. However, attempts to elicit human follicle neogenesis with cultured human DP cells have not been very successful, partly because they lose inductivity during passaging. The document suggested that more research was needed to better understand the role of the mesenchyme in intact follicles, particularly the DS, which had received little attention.
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