Cyproterone is effective for androgenetic alopecia in women

    December 1989 in “Inpharma (Balgowlah)
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    TLDR Cyproterone helps women with hair loss caused by genetics. More research is needed to confirm the best dose.
    A study investigated the effectiveness of cyproterone in treating androgenetic alopecia in women. 20 patients were given cyproterone 2mg daily in addition to ethinylestradiol 50µg daily, with an additional 20mg of cyproterone given on days 5-20 of the menstrual cycle. The treated group showed significant increases in the number of anagens and decreases in telogens, as well as an increase in hair shaft diameter after a year. Untreated women showed no significant improvements. The study suggests that cyproterone is effective in promoting hair growth in women with androgenetic alopecia, but larger trials of various doses are needed.
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