Conditional Disruption of Hedgehog Signaling Pathway Defines its Critical Role in Hair Development and Regeneration

    Li-Chun Wang, Zhongying Liu, Laure Gambardella, Alexandra Delacour, Reneé Shapiro, Jianliang Yang, Irene Sizing, Paul Rayhorn, Ellen A. Garber, Chris Benjamin, Kevin P. Williams, Frederick R. Taylor, Yann Barrandon, Leona Ling, Linda C. Burkly
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    TLDR The hedgehog signaling pathway is crucial for hair growth but not for the initial creation of hair follicles.
    The document presents a study on the hedgehog (hh) signaling pathway's importance in hair development and regeneration in mice. Researchers used anti-hh monoclonal antibodies to disrupt this pathway, finding that it is essential for hair shaft formation but not for the initial stages of hair follicle development. The study showed that mice treated with these antibodies lacked body coat hair, although whisker development was unaffected. The effect on hair morphogenesis was reversible, as hair growth resumed once treatment was stopped. The study concluded that the hh signaling pathway is critical for hair follicle expansion, maturation, and the anagen phase of the hair cycle. The sample size included at least 3 mice at each developmental stage, 2 pregnant mice, and their litters, with 6 pups from each litter treated with the same MoAb received in utero and the other 6 given no injection.
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