Characterization of the mechanical properties of the cortex region of human hair fibers by multiparametric Atomic Force Microscopy mapping

    May 2024 in “Ultramicroscopy
    Raissa Lima de Oblitas, Flávio Bueno Camargo, Wagner Vidal Magalhães, F. S. Teixeira, M. C. Salvadori
    TLDR Atomic Force Microscopy is a more accurate way to assess hair damage and the effect of cosmetic treatments.
    The study investigated the mechanical properties of human hair fibers, specifically the cortex region, using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) in force volume mode. The researchers examined both chemically damaged hair (through bleaching) and hair without chemical damage, with and without cosmetic treatment. The results showed a significant decrease in the natural logarithm of Young's modulus (ln(E)) mean value for chemically damaged fibers. The study concluded that AFM provides a more accurate method to evaluate hair damage and the performance of cosmetic treatments, offering detailed information about the hair's structure.
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