Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 41st Annual Meeting

    August 2014 in “Plastic Surgery
    Sandy Pritchard, Nicholas Carr
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    TLDR Dr. WP Unger suggested that traditional strip harvesting might be better for hair transplants than Follicular Unit Extraction due to higher hair survival rates and less risk of a patchy look at the donor site.
    At the 2014 Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting, Dr. WP Unger presented a critical view of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), a hair transplant technique. He highlighted the limitations of FUE, including the lower survival rate of transplanted hairs and the risk of a "moth-eaten" look at the donor site as hair thins. Unger advocated for traditional strip harvesting, which utilizes hair from the densest part of the fringe area, suggesting it might be a better option for patients. Despite another speaker's planned discussion on the benefits of FUE and motorized methods like Neograft and the Artas robot, Unger focused on the drawbacks of FUE, likening them to problems associated with older hair transplant methods. Other topics at the meeting included aesthetic breast surgery and updates on ALCL associated with breast implants, but the summary prioritized the discussion on hair loss treatments.
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