A spilt head study of efficacy of placebo versus platelet-rich plasma injections in the treatment of androgenic alopecia

    Dilip Kachhawa, Gauri Vats, Durgesh Sonare, P.P. Rao, Sandeep Khuraiya, Rohit Kataiya
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    TLDR Platelet-rich plasma injections can effectively treat male pattern hair loss, improving hair density and quality with high patient satisfaction.
    In 2017, a study was conducted on 50 male patients with androgenic alopecia. They were treated with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections on one side of the scalp and a placebo on the other side, every 21 days for a total of six sessions. The results indicated a decrease in hair loss and new hair growth, with digital image analysis showing improved hair density and quality. The study concluded that PRP injections can effectively treat male pattern hair loss with no major side effects and high patient satisfaction. However, it was also suggested that a larger, randomized, double-blind study is needed to confirm these findings.
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