Topical Minoxidil in Extensive Alopecia areata, Including 3-Year Follow-Up

    January 1987 in “ Dermatology
    Vera H. Price
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    TLDR Topical minoxidil effectively and safely treats extensive alopecia areata but doesn't change its course.
    The study evaluated the use of topical minoxidil in 90 patients with extensive alopecia areata affecting 25-100% of the scalp. The results showed that topical minoxidil is an effective, easy, and safe treatment for those with AA affecting 25-99% of the scalp. The study found that the percentage of patients who attained cosmetically acceptable regrowth in 1 year (45%) is probably higher than would be expected without treatment in these severely affected patients. However, topical minoxidil did not alter the course of AA, and none of the patients went into remission during the 3-year period.
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