Three Isostructural Solvates of Finasteride and Their Solid-State Characterization

    Nate Schultheiss, Jared P. Smit, Jason A. Hanko
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    TLDR Three new finasteride solvates found, change forms under different drying conditions.
    The paper discusses the solid-state characterization of three new solvates of finasteride, a drug used to treat hair loss. The three solvates were found to be isostructural and hemi-hydrate/channel solvates. The study also investigated the behavior of the solvates under ambient and elevated temperature vacuum drying. The results showed that vacuum drying at ambient temperature gave rise to unique solvated materials of two of the solvates, while further vacuum drying at 85°C resulted in conversion to Form II of finasteride for all three solvates. The study highlights the potential challenges in maintaining a 'selected' form throughout the development process and the possibility for form changes upon desolvation/dehydration.
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