The tendency towards the development of psychosexual disorders in androgenetic alopecia according to the different stages of hair loss: a cross-sectional study

    Betul Tas, Filiz Kulacaoglu, Hasan Belli, Murat Altuntas
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    TLDR More hair loss leads to higher risk of psychosexual disorders, especially in women.
    A cross-sectional study from 5 years ago found that advanced stages of hair loss in androgenetic alopecia increase the risk of developing psychosexual disorders, particularly in women. The severity of hair loss was positively correlated with the development of these disorders, including sexual dysfunction, depression, and anxiety. Early intervention and treatment for hair loss may help prevent these disorders. Men with androgenetic alopecia are also at a higher risk of developing psychosexual disorders, which increases with the severity of hair loss. Psychological support is recommended from the initial consultation.
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