The hair growth promoting effect of Sophora flavescens extract and its molecular regulation

    October 2002 in “Journal of Dermatological Science
    Seok-Seon Roh, Chang Deok Kim, Minho Lee, Seong-Lok Hwang, Moon‐Jeong Rang, Yeo-Kyeong Yoon
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    TLDR Sophora flavescens extract may help hair grow by affecting growth factors and blocking a hair-related enzyme.
    In 2002, a study found that Sophora flavescens extract promoted hair growth in C57BL/6 mice by inducing an earlier transition from the telogen to anagen phase in the hair cycle. The extract did not affect the growth of cultured dermal papilla cells in vitro but did increase mRNA levels of growth factors like IGF-1 and KGF in these cells. Additionally, the extract inhibited type II 5α-reductase activity, which is linked to hair growth and androgenetic alopecia. These results indicate that Sophora flavescens extract could be effective in promoting hair growth, potentially through the regulation of growth factors and inhibition of 5α-reductase. The number of subjects used in the study was not provided.
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