Significant relationship between temporal hair loss and other scalp areas in female pattern hair loss

    January 2020 in “ Journal of Dermatology
    Ji Hoe Heo, Seung Jin Yeom, Ji Yeon Byun, Jeonghyun Shin, Gwang Seong Choi
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    TLDR Temporal hair loss relates to overall scalp hair loss in women.
    A study of 109 Korean women with female pattern hair loss found a significant correlation between temporal hair loss and other areas of scalp hair loss. The study suggests adding a specific type T to the BASP classification to better evaluate FPHL. Hair density and thickness were more affected in thick hair, with the temporal area having the lowest density and thinnest hair. Age did not have a significant impact on hair density. The severity of hair loss was more noticeable in higher grades, and changes in hair diameter with age were only significant in the temporal area.
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