Short-term combined treatment with liraglutide and metformin leads to significant weight loss in obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome and previous poor response to metformin

    March 2014 in “European journal of endocrinology
    Mojca Jensterle Sever, Tomaz Kocjan, Marija Pfeifer, Nika Aleksandra Kravos, Andrej Janez
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    TLDR Combining liraglutide and metformin helps obese women with PCOS who didn't lose weight on metformin alone to lose more weight.
    In a 2014 study involving 36 obese women with PCOS who had not responded well to metformin alone, researchers found that a 12-week treatment combining liraglutide and metformin (COMBI) resulted in significant weight loss and reduction in waist circumference. The COMBI group lost an average of 6.5 kg, which was more than the liraglutide alone (LIRA) group at 3.8 kg and the metformin alone (MET) group at 1.2 kg. Additionally, 22% of the COMBI group lost at least 5% of their body weight, compared to 16% in the LIRA group and 0% in the MET group. The combined treatment also improved glucose levels after an OGTT, reduced the incidence of IGT, and reversed metabolic syndrome more effectively than either monotherapy. Despite the small sample size, the study suggests that combined liraglutide and metformin therapy could be beneficial for weight management in this patient population, with an acceptable short-term safety profile, although further research is needed to confirm these findings.
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