Serum Biotin Levels in Women Complaining of Hair Loss

    Ralph M. Trüeb
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    TLDR Biotin deficiency is not a major cause of hair loss in women, so biotin supplements are not likely to be an effective hair loss treatment.
    In 2016, a study involving 541 women, 266 of whom were experiencing hair loss, found no significant difference in serum biotin levels between women with and without hair loss. The researchers concluded that biotin deficiency was not a significant factor in hair loss among the women studied, suggesting that biotin supplementation may not be an effective treatment for hair loss in women. Despite 38% of women with hair loss having a biotin deficiency, the study advised against indiscriminate treatment of hair loss with oral biotin supplementation unless a biotin deficiency was demonstrated. The study also found that 35% of those with diffuse telogen effluvium, a common form of hair loss, had associated seborrheic-like dermatitis, a condition potentially indicating biotin deficiency.
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