Scalp Medical Tattooing Technique to Camouflage Bifid Parietal Whorls

    Jae Yong Park, Seung M. You
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    TLDR Scalp medical tattooing effectively camouflages bifid parietal whorls.
    The study evaluated the effectiveness of scalp medical tattooing for camouflaging bifid parietal whorls (PWs). The study retrospectively examined the outcomes of scalp medical tattooing in 38 patients who were admitted for camouflage of a bifid PW. All patients' cosmetic appearance was judged, by both the patients and the surgeon, to be markedly improved. The study concluded that scalp medical tattooing appears to be an effective method that helps to camouflage the see-through appearance of bifid PWs. The article also provides cautions and recommendations for patients considering the procedure, including thorough counseling and informed consent. Overall, SMT appears to be an effective method for camouflaging bifid parietal whorls.
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