Scalp Micropigmentation: A Concealer for Hair and Scalp Deformities

    March 2015 in “ PubMed
    William R. Rassman, Jae-Hong Pak, Jin-O Kim, Norman F Estrin
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    TLDR Scalp micropigmentation, a cosmetic tattoo technique, is a promising non-surgical treatment for hair and scalp deformities, despite potential complications.
    In 2015, a study was conducted on a cosmetic tattoo technique known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP). This technique was developed to address various hair and scalp deformities, including different types of alopecia and hair transplant deformities. The procedure involved the use of conventional cosmetic tattoo instruments to apply pigments in a stippling pattern on the scalp. Despite the complexity of the procedure and potential complications such as pigment bleeding or color changes, the study reported high patient satisfaction and deemed SMP a promising nonsurgical alternative treatment. However, the authors emphasized the need for further research on the safety and effectiveness of tattoo inks and the tattooing process.
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