Practice Pattern and Use of Serum Peptide Formulation in Patients with Alopecia: Results of an Opinion Survey Among Dermatologists in India

    Rekha Lanjekar
    Image of study
    TLDR Many dermatologists in India find serum peptide formulations effective for treating hair loss.
    In 2020, a survey was conducted among 124 dermatologists in India to evaluate their practice patterns and preferences for using serum peptide formulations in treating alopecia. The survey found that 31% of dermatologists reported seeing 11-15 patients with telogen effluvium (TE) and 25% reported seeing 11-15 patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) per week. According to 41% of the dermatologists, 40-60% of patients with hair loss have some nutritional deficiency. A total of 69% of dermatologists preferred serum peptide formulations for treating TE and AGA, with 80% and 60% reporting "very good" or "good" efficacy of serum peptide in TE and AGA respectively. The majority of dermatologists rated Folliserum as "Very good" or "Good" for its efficacy and aesthetic parameters.
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