Personality Disorders and Psychopathologic Symptoms in Patients With Androgenetic Alopecia

    July 1994 in “Archives of Dermatology
    Cesare Maffei, Andrea Fossati, Fabio Rinaldi, Elisabetta Riva
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    TLDR People with androgenetic alopecia have more personality disorders and mental health symptoms; treatment may help.
    A study found that patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA) have a higher prevalence of personality disorders and psychopathologic symptoms compared to the general population. Gender did not seem to be a significant factor in the study. The study suggests that psychological evaluation and treatment may be beneficial for patients with AGA. The severity of hair loss was positively correlated with the severity of psychopathologic symptoms. Certain personality traits, such as neuroticism and introversion, were also associated with AGA. However, the study had limitations, such as a small sample size and lack of a control group with other types of alopecia.
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