Oral Finasteride Presents With Sexual-Unrelated Withdrawal in Long-Term Treated Androgenic Alopecia in Men.

    May 2015 in “PubMed
    Nicolas Perez-Mora, Carlos Velasco, Fernando Bermudez
    TLDR Most men stopped using the hair loss treatment not because of sexual side effects, but because they didn't see positive results.
    The study from 2015 evaluated long-term adverse effects and reasons for therapy withdrawal in 130 patients with androgenic alopecia (AGA) treated with either a combination of 5% minoxidil (M5) and oral finasteride (FT) or M5 alone. Erectile dysfunction (3%), diminished libido (4%), and reduced ejaculation (7%) were reported in patients taking M5+FT, but not in those taking M5 alone. However, only 1 out of 100 patients discontinued the M5+FT therapy due to sexual adverse effects. The primary reasons for therapy withdrawal in the FT group were lack of positive results (11%), while in the M5 group, it was side effects (4%). Increased body hair was reported by 6.6% in the M5 group and 4% in the M5+FT group. The study concluded that the main cause of therapy withdrawal in long-term treated AGA patients was unrelated to sexual side effects.
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