Measuring the Level of Awareness of Youth Using Cosmetic Nutritional Supplements in Saudi Arabia

    Islam Ragab, Manar Abdulrhman Alsulmi, Waheeba E. Ahmed
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    TLDR Most young people in Saudi Arabia use cosmetic nutritional supplements for nutrient deficiencies and appearance, but more education on proper use is needed.
    The study aimed to assess the awareness of the use of cosmetic nutritional supplements among the youth in Saudi Arabia. It found that 83% of the community uses these supplements, primarily the middle-aged group with a bachelor's degree. The main reason for their use was a lack of nutrients, but 36% consumed them for cosmetic reasons, such as improving the appearance of hair, nails, and skin. Iron was the most commonly consumed supplement, often taken due to hair and skin loss. The study revealed that 73% of users took the supplement after conducting laboratory analyses, and 58% used the supplement based on a medical prescription, indicating a rise in community awareness. However, the study concludes that there is a need for awareness programs about the proper consumption of cosmetic nutritional supplements.
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