Low Level Laser Versus Platelet-Rich Plasma in Treatment of Alopecia Areata: A Randomized Controlled Intra-Patient Comparative Study

    Abeer Attia Tawfik, Iman M. Mostafa, Mona H. Soliman, Mohamed Mohamed Soliman, Noha Abdallah
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    TLDR Both platelet-rich plasma and low-level laser therapy effectively treat hair loss with minimal side effects and good cost-benefit ratio.
    The study involved 30 patients with alopecia areata, each having three patches of hair loss. These patches were treated with either platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or low-level laser therapy (LLLT), or left untreated as a control. PRP was given once weekly, and LLLT three times per week for six weeks. The results showed significant improvement in hair thickness and density in the PRP-treated patches, as evaluated by the folliscope and patient satisfaction. These results were sustained during a 12-week follow-up period in most patients. The study concluded that both PRP and LLLT are effective treatments for alopecia areata, with minimal side effects and a favorable cost-benefit ratio.
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