Letters to Dermatology

    January 1998 in “Dermatology
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    TLDR Stopping forehead irritation and using hydrocortisone helped a man's skin, Martinique has lower melanoma rates, a man had an allergy to a specific antifungal, another had unexplained cysts, certain drugs can cause skin reactions without always being interrelated, a link between Fanconi anemia and a skin condition was suggested, high levels of a certain protein may play a role in a type of psoriasis, and there's a need to study the connection between scalp pain and hair loss.
    The document from 1998 includes various dermatological case reports and studies. It describes a case of mucin deposition on a man's forehead due to mechanical irritation, which improved with cessation of the irritation and hydrocortisone treatment. A study on melanoma incidence in Martinique reported lower rates than other equatorial countries, suggesting the role of chronic sun exposure and skin complexion. Allergic contact dermatitis was reported in a 72-year-old man from lanoconazole, with no cross-reactivity to other imidazoles. Multiple epidermal cysts on a 55-year-old male's fingers were reported without a clear etiology. A case of fixed drug eruption due to metronidazole and tinidazole was discussed, with no cross-sensitivity to secnidazole, emphasizing that cross-sensitivity among related drugs is not always present. Pyoderma gangrenosum associated with Fanconi anemia was reported in a patient, suggesting a possible link between immunological abnormalities in FA and the development of PG. A study on generalized pustular psoriasis found elevated serum soluble Fas levels in patients, which may contribute to the disease's pathogenesis. The document also notes the dominance of English in dermatology publications post-World War II and discusses trichodynia, with a study finding a 14.3% prevalence among patients with hair loss, suggesting the need for further research on its relationship with psychiatric alterations and underlying disorders.
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