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    TLDR A woman got a scalp condition from using latanoprost, but it improved after stopping the drug and starting other treatments.
    A 61-year-old woman developed erosive pustular dermatosis of the scalp (EPDS) after using latanoprost, which she was taking for mild frontotemporal androgenetic alopecia. Following the application of a 0.1% ternary solution of latanoprost, she experienced eroded, pustular, and crusted lesions on her scalp. Physical and histologic examinations confirmed the diagnosis of EPDS, characterized by pustules, erosions, scales, and a loss of normal collagen architecture around hair follicles. Upon discontinuing latanoprost and starting treatment with methylprednisolone, zinc sulphate, and clobetasol propionate, her symptoms resolved after 6 weeks, although she had residual scarring alopecia. She remained symptom-free at the 30-week follow-up.
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