Influence of Saw palmetto and Pygeum africana extracts on the urinary concentrations of endogenous anabolic steroids: Relevance to doping analysis

    February 2021 in “Phytomedicine plus
    Michele Iannone, Amelia Palermo, Xavier de la Torre, Monica Mazzarino, Francesco Molaioni, Francesco Botrè
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    TLDR Taking Saw palmetto and Pygeum africana can change the levels of certain steroids in urine, which could cause confusion in doping tests.
    The study involved three male subjects who were given Saw palmetto (320 mg) and Pygeum africana (100 mg) for five days. The results showed significant changes in the urinary steroid profile, which could interfere with the correct evaluation of the individual steroid profile, suggesting that urinary levels should be monitored. The study concluded that the intake of Saw palmetto and Pygeum africana could potentially influence the urinary concentrations of certain anabolic steroids. This could potentially cause misinterpretations in the data collected in the framework of the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP), a tool used in doping analysis.
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