Impact of Dutasteride on Spermatogenesis and Oxidative Status in Rats

    April 2020 in “ PubMed
    Abdullah Gül, Murat Gül, Şule Yurdagül Özsoy, Tülin Saraç, Duygu S Celik, Atilla Semerciöz, Ege Can Şerefoğlu
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    TLDR Dutasteride did not change rat spermatogenesis or oxidative stress but needs more research.
    In a study conducted on 18 male Sprague-Dawley rats, the impact of dutasteride on spermatogenesis and oxidative status was investigated. The rats were divided into two groups: control (n=8) and dutasteride (n=10). The results showed that DHT (7.35 ± 0.35 vs. 10.54 ± 0.95, p<0.001) and LH levels (0.32 ± 0.009 vs. 0.43 ± 0.01, <0.001) were significantly lower in the treatment group compared to the controls, while testosterone levels were higher in the dutasteride group (3.41 ± 1.12 vs.1.52 ± 0.34, p<0.001). However, the Johnsen score, serum FSH levels, and serum and tissue ROS levels were similar between the two groups. The study concluded that the administration of dutasteride did not appear to modify spermatogenesis and oxidative burden in rats, but further investigations were required to confirm these findings.
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