Study on Hair Growth and Scalp Improvement Using Natural Extracts

    February 2014 in “ 아시안뷰티화장품학술지
    TLDR Natural extracts like peppermint and rosemary oils are effective for hair growth and scalp health.
    The study reviewed trends in using natural extracts for hair growth and scalp improvement, highlighting their potential benefits and fewer side effects compared to medicinal therapies. Key findings included peppermint and rosemary essential oils promoting hair growth and combating dandruff, while sandalwood and rose absolute increased hair production and follicle numbers. Plant extracts like polygoni multiflori radix and wild ginseng showed significant improvements in hair thickness, follicle depth, and density. Wild ginseng also prevented hair follicle cell death and promoted regeneration. Sparassis crispa and a herbal product (DCS-HT®) demonstrated hair growth promotion and enzyme activation. Phellinus linteus extract reduced testosterone and DHT levels, enhancing hair growth. The study emphasized the need for further research on effective natural extracts and their combinations.
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