Enhanced Effect of Platelet-Rich Plasma Containing a New Carrier on Hair Growth

    December 2011 in “ Dermatologic Surgery
    Megumi Takikawa, Shinichiro Nakamura, Shingo Nakamura, Masayuki Ishirara, Satoko Kishimoto, Kaoru Sasaki, Satoshi Yanagibayashi, Ryuichi Azuma, Naoto Yamamoto, Tomoharu Kiyosawa
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    TLDR Platelet-rich plasma with a new carrier significantly increases hair thickness without serious side effects.
    In a study conducted in 2011, 26 volunteers with thin hair were treated with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) containing a new carrier, Dalteparin and protamine microparticles (D/P MPs), to investigate its effects on hair growth. The results showed that the addition of D/P MPs to PRP significantly stimulated hair thickness, but not the number of hairs. Microscopic findings revealed thickened epithelium, increased collagen fibers, fibroblasts, and vessels around follicles. All participants experienced temporary pain at the injection site but no serious side effects. The study concluded that PRP&D/P MPs provide a simpler, cheaper, and side-effect free method for hair growth and thickening compared to conventional methods.
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