Effects of Finasteride (1 mg) on Hair Transplant

    October 2005 in “ Dermatologic Surgery
    Matt L. Leavitt, Perez-Meza David, Naveen G. Rao, Marco N. Barusco, Keith D. Kaufman, Craig Ziering
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    TLDR Finasteride improves surrounding scalp hair and increases hair density after hair transplant.
    A study from 2005 found that finasteride 1 mg daily from 4 weeks before until 48 weeks after hair transplant improves scalp hair in areas surrounding the hair transplant and increases hair density. The study involved 79 men with androgenetic alopecia who were assigned to treatment with finasteride or placebo. Treatment with finasteride resulted in significant improvements from baseline, compared with placebo, in scalp hair based on global photographic assessment and hair counts at week 48. The study concluded that finasteride is an effective treatment for hair transplant patients and could be part of a combination treatment for patients suffering hair loss.
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