Effectiveness and Safety of Oral Dutasteride for Male Androgenetic Alopecia in Real Clinical Practice: A Descriptive Monocentric Study

    January 2020 in “ Dermatologic Therapy
    Sergio Vano-Galvan, David Saceda-Corralo, Oscar M. Moreno-Arrones, Ana Rita Rodrigues-Barata, Carlos R. Morales, Rocío Gil-Redondo, Claudia Bernárdez-Guerra, Ángela Hermosa-Gelbard, Pedro Jaén-Olasolo
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    TLDR Oral dutasteride improves hair growth, reduces hair loss, and is safe for most patients.
    This document is a compilation of studies that examined the effectiveness and safety of oral dutasteride for male androgenetic alopecia in real clinical practice. The studies involved a total of 524 male patients and found that oral dutasteride was effective in improving hair growth and reducing hair loss in the majority of patients, with minimal adverse effects. Low doses of oral dutasteride were found to be effective and well-tolerated, and intermittent use of the drug was also found to be effective due to its long half-life. The studies suggest that oral dutasteride can be a safe and effective treatment option for male androgenetic alopecia in real clinical practice.
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