Histopathological Evaluation of the Effect of Low-Level Laser Therapy on Prevention of Hair Follicle Necrosis in Experimental Cryosurgery-Induced Wounds in Rats

    Sepehr Zargaran, Soroush Mohitmafi, Ali Anisian
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    TLDR Low-power lasers can prevent hair death and increase hair growth in wounds caused by freezing in rats.
    The study "Histopathological evaluation of the effect of low level laser therapy on prevention of hair follicle necrosis in experimental cryosurgery induced wounds in rats" involved 50 male Wistar rats, divided into experimental and control groups. The aim was to assess the impact of low level laser on preventing hair follicle necrosis and increasing hair follicles in wounds caused by cryosurgery. The results showed no significant difference in angiogenesis between the groups on days 14 and 21, but on days 3, 7, and 28, the experimental group had significantly higher angiogenesis than the control group. Both groups showed a significant increase in angiogenesis over time, except for the third and seventh days in the control group, and between the 21st and 28th days in both groups. The hair follicle index increased on all days, significantly more in the experimental group. The conclusion was that low-power lasers can prevent hair follicle necrosis and increase their numbers in cryosurgery induced wounds in rats.
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