Cosmetic Concerns Among Men

    December 2023 in “Dermatologic Clinics
    Marc Z. Handler, David J. Goldberg
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    TLDR More men are getting cosmetic procedures, mainly for aging, hair loss, and to keep masculine features, with growing interest in both surgical and noninvasive treatments.
    The document highlights a significant rise in cosmetic procedures among men, with a 325% increase since 1997, and men now accounting for 10% of all cosmetic procedures. Men's cosmetic concerns primarily focus on aging, hair loss, and maintaining masculine features. Testosterone reduction, which correlates with skin thinning, and the role of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in androgenetic alopecia are noted factors in these concerns. Hair transplants and liposuction are the most common surgical procedures, while neuromodulators top the list of noninvasive treatments. A survey of 600 men aged 30 to 65 showed that 40% are interested in cosmetic procedures, with specific concerns about facial wrinkles (48%), hair loss (40%), and under-eye bags (44%). Men also seek nonsurgical fat reduction and are cautious about the safety, cost, and potential for unnatural results from cosmetic interventions. The primary demographic for male cosmetic consumers is men aged 40 to 59 with disposable income, and there is a trend towards more education to alleviate concerns about cosmetic procedures.
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