Chronologic improvement in hair yield with follicular unit extraction with changes in punch devices: A ten-year experience of a single center

    January 2024 in “Authorea (Authorea)
    Ekrem Civas, Berna Aksoy, Ümit Akpınar
    TLDR New punch technologies have improved hair transplant results over time.
    The study analyzed data from 1415 male patients who underwent hair transplantation by the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method at a single clinic from 2011 to 2020. The aim was to assess the impact of punch technology development on the number of total grafts and follicular units (FUs) with multiple hairs. The results indicated that the total grafts and multi-hair FUs increased over the years due to advancements in punch devices. The serrated punch significantly increased total graft numbers, while the trumpet punch significantly increased the number of 3FU grafts. The study also found that total and III FU grafts increased with alcohol intake, but decreased with age and the number of sessions. The conclusion was that hair yield has improved with new punch technologies, making the FUE method the preferred choice for hair transplantation.
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