Attitudes, behaviors, and expectations of men seeking medical treatment for male pattern hair loss: results of a multinational survey

    Thomas F. Cash
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    TLDR Most men with hair loss worry, try self-treatments, and delay doctor visits due to cost, uncertainty, and embarrassment.
    A multinational survey of 604 men aged 25-49 with male pattern hair loss (MPHL) found that most were concerned about their hair loss and engaged in multiple information-seeking actions and self-treatments prior to physician consultation. Many men were uncomfortable or delayed consulting with a physician due to concerns about cost, uncertainty about hair loss being a medical condition, and embarrassment. Dissatisfaction stemmed from lack of specific treatment recommendations and unanswered questions. The study recommends that practitioners should ensure that patients' key expectations and concerns about MPHL have been directly and specifically solicited and adequately addressed in a clear, open, and non-judgmental manner.
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