Androgenetic alopecia, trichotrophic substances, and histologic studies of the human scalp

    October 1988 in “ Clinics in Dermatology
    John T. Headington
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    TLDR Minoxidil promotes hair growth but exact mechanism is unknown.
    This document discusses androgenetic alopecia, a genetic condition that causes hair loss, and the potential use of trichotrophic substances, such as minoxidil, to promote hair growth. The study found that minoxidil can increase the size of pre-existing hair follicles without disrupting normal matrix cell proliferation or differentiation. However, hair shaft diameters may decrease significantly in balding patients. Minoxidil has been found to inhibit prostaglandin lª formation, lysyl hydroxylase synthesis, and act as a K* channel agonist, but the precise mechanism for its trichotrophic action remains unknown. The author suggests that the most likely site of action is the dermal papilla. Overall, trichotrophic substances have provided a strong impetus for the study of hair biology.
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