Alopecia in Crash Dieters

    June 1976 in “JAMA
    Detlef K. Goette
    Image of study
    TLDR Crash dieting can cause hair loss due to severe calorie restriction.
    The study from 1976 involved nine patients who experienced significant hair loss, or telogen effluvium, after rapid weight loss due to crash dieting, with weight loss ranging from 11.7 to 24.75 kg. The hair loss appeared two to five months after the diet began, with telogen counts between 25% to 50%, exceeding the normal average of 13%. The study indicated that the hair loss was caused by severe caloric restriction, which disrupted the hair matrix's cellular kinetics, causing hair to shift from the growth phase to the resting phase. Hair regrowth was observed after patients resumed normal caloric intake. The study concluded that the hair loss in crash dieters was due to the lack of energy provided to the hair matrix because of rigorous caloric restriction.
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