A pilot study on the sexual side effects of finasteride as related to hand preference for men undergoing treatment of male pattern baldness

    April 2013 in “ BJUI
    Ion G. Motofei, David L. Rowland, Simona Roxana Georgescu, Daniela Luiza Baconi, Nicoleta P. Dimcevici, Stana Paunica, Vlad Denis Constantin, Cristian Balalau
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    TLDR Left-handed men experience more sexual side effects from finasteride treatment.
    This pilot study investigated the relationship between hand preference, sexual function, and the anti-androgen finasteride in men undergoing treatment for male pattern baldness. The study found that left-handed men reported more sexual side effects than right-handed men, suggesting that hand preference may be a predictor of sexual side effects in men taking finasteride. However, the study had limitations, including a small sample size and lack of a control group, and further research is needed to confirm these findings.
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