943 Temporal-spatial activation of Wnt-signaling within Type1 / Type 2 immunity during wound healing

    R.A. Ferrer, M.D. Ordieres, J.C. Simon, Sandra Franz
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    TLDR Wnt-signaling is regulated differently in skin cells and immune responses during wound healing.
    The study investigated the regulation of Wnt-signaling and Wnt-ligand expression in skin cells during Type 1 and Type 2 immune responses in wound healing. Using murine cells and an in vivo skin wound model, the researchers found that Wnt-signaling components were upregulated in keratinocytes and fibroblasts under Type 2 immunity, while RAW264 macrophages showed a mixed response with some Wnt-ligands downregulated and others upregulated in M1 macrophages. In vivo, Wnt-signaling was specifically upregulated during the late phase of Type 2 immunity. The results suggest that Wnt-signaling is differentially regulated in various cell populations and immune conditions during wound healing, indicating the need for further research to understand the role of specific Wnt-ligands and their potential as therapeutic targets for enhancing wound healing.
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