1618 Simulated solar radiation (SSR) induced skin inflammation across skin types measured by dynamic optical coherence tomography and laser doppler

    TLDR Sunlight simulation causes skin inflammation, with different skin types reacting at different levels of exposure.
    A double-blinded, randomized, controlled clinical study was conducted on 53 healthy female volunteers with skin types I-VI to examine the response to a low simulated solar radiation (SSR) dose series on erythema, skin color, blood flow/flux, and superficial plexus diameter over 4 weeks. The study found that the minimal dose for erythema induction varied within sub-skin types. Blood flow, blood flux, and L and a* values showed significant increases at 24 hours and dose differences among sub-skin types. The study also found that skin types I-II showed consistent inflammation responses at a minimal 0.8-1.0x minimal erythema dose (MED), whereas skin types III-IV and V-VI at a minimal 1.5x MED. This suggests an adjustment factor for MED determination based on ITA° values for skin types III-IV. The results demonstrate a possible model and treatment window to alleviate inflammation in different skin types.
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