Topical Use of Minoxidil in Children and Systemic Side Effects

    January 2007 in “ Dermatology
    S. Georgala, A. Befon, E. Maniatopoulou, C Georgala
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    TLDR Minoxidil use in children may cause heart issues.
    The study reports three cases of children with alopecia areata who experienced cardiovascular side effects after using topical minoxidil solution 2%. The absorption of minoxidil in children may be influenced by variable parameters, including age, and may cause systemic side effects. The authors suggest that future studies should be performed to evaluate the topical use of minoxidil and to determine the mechanism of absorption, quantity of drug absorbed, as well as side effects in children and other special groups of patients, such as those with cardiovascular diseases, in order to ensure the safety of its use.
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