Telogen Effluvium

    March 1993 in “Archives of Dermatology
    John T. Headington
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    TLDR Telogen effluvium is a reversible hair loss condition that requires a detailed diagnosis and often resolves on its own.
    In the 1993 review article, telogen effluvium, a form of hair loss characterized by increased shedding of normal club hairs, was examined. The article proposed five functional types of telogen effluvium based on the hair cycle's phases and supported these with clinical findings. It highlighted the importance of a detailed medical history and physical examination techniques for diagnosis, noting that hair density can significantly decrease before thinning is noticeable. The review also discussed postpartum telogen effluvium, drug-related hair loss, and other miscellaneous causes like dietary issues and hypothyroidism. It suggested that qualitative changes in hair may be significant in thyroid-related hair loss. The document emphasized the need for careful biopsy studies to avoid misinterpretation and noted that most cases of telogen effluvium are self-limiting and reversible, with management focusing on psychological support and patient education.
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