Synthetic Hair Reactions and Treatment of Complications: Case Reports

    February 2020 in “ Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology
    Daranporn Triwongwaranat, Waranya Boonchai, Chanika Subchookul, Panitta Sitthinamsuwan, Rattapon Thuangtong
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    TLDR Synthetic hair implants can cause severe scalp problems and removing them improves conditions; natural hair transplants are safer and more effective.
    The document reports on the complications associated with synthetic hair fiber implantation for hair restoration, based on two case studies. Despite claims of safety and effectiveness, the patients experienced moderate-to-severe adverse events such as recurrent folliculitis, scalp crusting, scarring, matting and breakage of fibers, and granulomatous reactions within 1 to 8 weeks post-implantation. Pathological studies revealed hyperplastic proliferation of epidermal cells, foreign body granuloma, and persistent acute inflammation due to bacterial infections. The complications persisted despite various antibiotic treatments and only improved after the synthetic fibers were removed. The study concludes that these adverse reactions may limit the benefits of synthetic hair fiber implantation for some patients and that autologous hair transplantation remains the most effective and safe procedure for hair restoration.
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