Study of Digital Video Microscopy in the Diagnosis of Non-Scarring Alopecia

    В.М. Козин, В. В. Саларев, Ю.В. Козина, Н.Д. Надирашвили
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    TLDR Digital video microscopy is a useful non-invasive tool for diagnosing non-scarring alopecia.
    The study assessed the effectiveness of digital video microscopy in diagnosing non-scarring alopecia, specifically alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia, in 315 patients (243 women and 72 men) aged 4 to 68 years. It found that 27.6% of patients had a history indicating non-scarring alopecia. The use of digital video microscopy allowed for the identification of diagnostic criteria characteristic of non-scarring alopecia without the need for a biopsy, facilitating the prescription of appropriate treatments. The study concluded that digital video microscopy is a valuable non-invasive diagnostic tool for non-scarring alopecia.
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