Sexual Adverse Effects of Finasterid 1mg for Treatment of Androgenic Alopecia in Men

    January 2017 in “Scripta Scientifica Vox Studentium
    Malwin Werner, Nikoo Rahimy, Stefanka Racheva
    TLDR Finasterid 1mg, used for male hair loss, can cause sexual problems in some men, which can last for several months even after stopping the medication.
    The document discusses the sexual adverse effects of Finasterid 1mg, a medication commonly used to treat androgenic alopecia in men. The document reviews several studies on the topic. One study conducted by the manufacturer of the medication found that a small percentage of participants experienced sexual dysfunction compared to a placebo group. However, another independent study found that a higher percentage of young men reported sexual dysfunction after taking Finasterid. On average, the sexual dysfunction occurred 1.8 years after starting the medication and lasted for 5.4 months after stopping it. The document concludes that sexual adverse effects have been reported in varying percentages of men, but further trials and studies are needed to fully understand the short- and long-term effects.
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