Malate-Based Polyester Chemically Shielded Metal-Phenolic Networks Coated Artificial Hair Fibers With Long-Lasting Antimicrobial And Anti-Inflammatory Performance

    January 2023 in “ Chemical Engineering Journal
    Yue Li, Yong Miao, Lunan Yang, Gaofeng Wang, Meimei Fu, Yue Wang, Danlan Fu, Junfei Huang, Jin Wang, Zhiqi Hu, Zhihui Lu, Jinshan Guo, Zhiqi Hu

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      Bacteria Induce Skin Regeneration via IL-1β Signaling

      research Bacteria Induce Skin Regeneration via IL-1β Signaling

      53 citations ,   May 2021 in “Cell Host & Microbe”
      Skin bacteria, specifically Staphylococcus aureus, help in wound healing and hair growth by using IL-1β signaling. Using antibiotics on skin wounds can slow down this natural healing process.