Importance of vascular patterns in the dermoscopy recognition of cutaneous tumors

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    TLDR Vascular patterns in dermoscopy help tell apart malignant and benign skin tumors.
    The document presents a study on the use of dermoscopy for the recognition of cutaneous tumors, emphasizing the significance of vascular patterns in distinguishing between malignant and benign tumors. The authors share their experience and provide examples of specific vascular patterns associated with various skin lesions: comma vessels in dermal nevus, linear dotted vessels in clear cell acanthomas, thick and branching blood vessels in basal cell carcinomas, hairpin-shaped vessels in keratoacanthomas, and irregular linear vessels in malignant melanoma. These findings suggest that vascular patterns observed through dermoscopy can be indicative of the type of cutaneous tumor, which can aid in diagnosis. No commercial support was identified for this study.
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