Hypertrichosis and Congenital Anomalies Associated With Maternal Use of Minoxidil

    March 1987 in “Pediatrics
    Stephen G. Kaler, Mary Elaine Patrinos, George H. Lambert, Thomas H. Myers, Roberta Karlman, Craig S. Anderson
    TLDR Minoxidil use during pregnancy can cause excessive hair growth and multiple birth defects in the baby.
    In 1987, a study was conducted observing the effects of minoxidil, a potent peripheral vasodilating agent used for severe hypertension, on pregnant women and their infants. The study found that hypertrichosis, a condition of excessive hair growth, was a common side effect of minoxidil, occurring in nearly all patients treated for longer than 4 weeks. This side effect was found to be reversible after discontinuation of the drug. The study also reported a case of an infant born with hypertrichosis and multiple congenital anomalies whose mother was on a regimen of minoxidil, captopril, and propranolol throughout her pregnancy. The researchers encouraged further reports on pregnancy outcomes after maternal use of minoxidil.
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