GainmoreTM M: An Oral Supplementation in Men with Androgenic Alopecia for Reduction in Hair Loss and New Hair Growth

    August 2015 in “ Europe PMC (PubMed Central)
    Rajaram Samant
    Image of study
    TLDR Using body measurements can help achieve good results in plastic surgery like reshaping the torso, but it doesn't work for all body types.
    The 2015 document discussed the use of anthropometry, the study of human body measurements, in plastic surgery, specifically in reshaping the torso. The author used 19th-century sculptor Carlo Rochet's anthropometric studies as a basis for surgical procedures, dividing the torso into equal sections to achieve correct proportions. The positioning of the areolae and the umbilicus was determined using these proportions. The document presented case studies including breast enhancement, breast reduction, abdominal reconstruction, and combined abdominoplasty and mammoplasty. The results showed aesthetically optimal outcomes when anthropometric proportions were respected. The author's approach, while based on art, was considered novel in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery. However, it was noted that this approach is not applicable to all cases, such as unusually long or short torsos.
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