Formulation and evaluation of hair growth enhancing effects of oleogels made from Rosemary and Cedar wood oils

    July 2022 in “Scientific African
    TLDR Oleogels made from Cedarwood and Rosemary oils can enhance hair growth, but combining both oils doesn't increase the effect.
    The study evaluated the hair growth effects of oleogels made from Cedarwood and Rosemary essential oils, formulated with beeswax. The oleogels were tested on 18 albino rats, divided into six groups of three. After six weeks, the oleogel containing 10% rosemary oil showed similar hair growth effects to the positive control, Minoxidil (2%). The study concluded that these oleogels have hair growth enhancing effects. However, the combination of both oils did not offer any synergistic effect. Further research is needed to compare the toxicity of this preparation with commercially available preparations.
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