Follicular miniaturization in female pattern hair loss: clinicopathological correlations

    November 2006 in “British Journal of Dermatology
    Andrew G. Messenger, Robert Sinclair
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    TLDR Hair loss severity relates to increased miniaturization in female pattern hair loss.
    This study examined the relationship between hair loss severity and follicular miniaturization in female pattern hair loss (FPHL). Biopsies were taken from 42 women with varying degrees of hair loss, and the number of hair follicles, terminal follicles, and vellus-like follicles were assessed. The results showed that the absolute number of vellus follicles increased with advancing hair loss, indicating that follicular miniaturization does occur in FPHL. The study also suggested that miniaturization is a dynamic process that eventually progresses to follicular deletion. The researchers suggest that the terminal/vellus ratio can be used as a histological marker of female pattern hair loss.
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