Ethnopharmacological Survey of Home Remedies Used for Treatment of Hair and Scalp and Their Methods of Preparation in the West Bank, Palestine

    Abdel Naser Zaid, Nidal Jaradat, Ahmad Eid, Hamzeh Al Zabadi, Abdulsalam Alkaiyat, Saja Adam Darwish
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    TLDR Natural remedies for hair and scalp issues are still widely used in Palestine.
    The study investigated the use of natural remedies for hair and scalp disorders in the West Bank, Palestine, through a survey of 267 herbalists, traditional healers, hairdressers, and rural dwellers. It identified 41 plant species from 27 families, with Lamiaceae and Rosaceae being the most common. The most treated conditions were hair loss, dandruff, split hair endings, and lice, with high informant consensus factors (0.92-0.95). Lawsonia inermis had the highest use-value (0.84). The study highlighted the continued use of natural remedies in Palestine and suggested that collaboration between informants and the scientific community could lead to new cosmetic and nutraceutical products.
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